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Playlist Growth

Build a new playlist, create a brand and
influence people with your music taste

your personal spotify playlists

More than a playlist

a way to build new connections

It might not come instantly to your mind, but your own Spotify Playlists can create opportunities you never thought about.

If you have your own music project, you can build a playlist around your music genre. This way, by promoting your playlist you’ll also promote your own music. 

Or you can create a playlist that follows a particular mood, or genre. Or even a particular trend. You can also create a brand around it, with playlists that expose new emerging artists.

There are also many platforms like Submit Hub and Groover, that will give you the possibility to monetarily sustain your playlists. This will also make you connect with some incredible talents and curators you didn’t know before.

We will help you develop your idea and give life to your own playlists. Through branding techniques and Facebook/Instagram Ads, we’ll make your playlists grow using the same strategies that got our playlists over 16.000 followers on Spotify.

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