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Instagram Growth


Grow a real following and increase your engagement thanks to our Instagram Ads

Some insights on Instagram Growth

Just a quick and useful tip: don’t throw your money on bots, which in the end will limit your activity on your Instagram page from day one. Now, with the new API rules is even more difficult for bots to work, and it is really not funny for your potential fans to watch you do the follow/unfollow ‘magical trick’. 
Do you want to grow a real fanbase? Instagram ads are the answer, and it is not the promote button on your Instagram Stories, nor the boost button you find on your post. Please, avoid them if you want to save your money. Instagram ads, run by the Facebook Business Manager platform are the best way to get cheap results and build a following.
You might think: ‘Man, that would be really expensive, plus I don’t know what content to use to advertise my page, bots are way easier’. I’m sorry (not sorry) to tell you how much that’s not true. First of all, for bots to work properly, without the instant risk to get you banned, they need you to set a VPN, which is not always that easy, plus they will change the IP of your phone. Secondly, it is not true that ads are more expensive than bots. 
Just give a look at the result of one of our campaigns 

Schermata 2020-10-31 alle 02.05.53

I’ll make it simple for you, in one month the client arrived to pay less than €0,03 for one person to see his Instagram Page. Bots will make you pay from around €80 per month with all the risks we discussed and no promise that your account will actually grow as you expected. 
With Facebook Business Manager, we can precisely target the audience that will already be interested in your page, and make you reach more potential followers and also grow your engagement rate. 
If you think you don’t have the right content to create an ad, don’t worry, we will create an ad for you, together with our creatives.
With one of our last campaigns, the account @acrostmusic gained 1800 followers in just 2 months.

Schermata 2020-10-31 alle 02.01.26

Plus his engagement rate went above 20%, which is way higher than the average, which usually for this amount of followers is around 6%.

Schermata 2020-10-31 alle 01.58.33

The ultimate reason why you should use Ads to promote your page

This is simple: because Instagram loves it. Every page has a hidden score, which goes way down if you buy followers, likes and if you use bots. Basically, you pay to kill your own page instead of making it grow. While if you pay for ads, you prove that your page is legit and you play by the rules. You have more chances your posts appear on others’ feed and Instagram will be more willing to show your posts to your own followers. 
So, let’s grow your page by creating some ads the will represent your brand and will attract new followers around the world
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