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Facebook Video Campaign


Find your audience through Facebook Video Views and increase engagement and sales

Some insights on Facebook Video Views Funnel

You probably think Facebook is no more relevant, and that Instagram and Tik Tok are the only social media that matters now. Well, even though these two are incredibly popular, Facebook is still the most used social media platform, and you as a musician can still use it to gain new followers and increase your exposure. I’m not talking about increasing your number of page likes, which is really not relevant and doesn’t give you huge benefits per se. However, when you share content on Facebook, you can leverage the audience that engaged with it and keep your most loyal fans always updated with your latest stuff.  All of this is possible through Facebook Ads Manager, for example, you can see who saw 75% of your videos on Facebook and retarget those people with new content, promotions, or sales. This will be a so-called warm audience, which already knows about you, and it’s more willing to take action and engage with your content and even buy your merch and CDs. Since we’re going to do advertisements on a smaller group and not to a big audience that never heard about your music, the costs of your ads will be significantly lower, so your ad spending will decrease and your ROI will increase

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So here’s what we will do: we will help you create the perfect Video Views Campaign to find your music audience and then we will manage an ad marketing chain that will progressively be targeting your most engaged fans (here’s why the so-called “funnel”). At the final stage, we will target exactly the audience that is more inclined to buy your stuff and support you, which at this stage will be extremely cheap to do. This service is perfect if you just want to find your audience and also if you’re more advanced in your career and want to increase your sales. 

Why Facebook Video views?

While YouTube might be perfect for official music videos, Facebook is great for all those other types of videos that can be easily shared and start a conversation. It is way easier to have a conversation with your fans on Facebook, whoever comments on your video may be a raving fan which would love to chat more with you, and that’s something that I really suggest you do since fans are what makes your project alive. With YouTube instead, you’re going to miss this kind of connection and you will not be able to keep your audience updated with new content. 

To conclude Facebook is still very relevant for your music, and we will help you reach a new audience and keep a solid connection with them.