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our mission

Loop Solitaire was founded with this concept in mind: everyone can develop his career on his own and find his place in the music industry. 

Our aim is to help you artists reach their following around the world, and start growing a solid

The first step to being on the right path is to know your goals. These will be your compass and with a direction to follow you’ll be able to arrive to your destination.  

our TEAM


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After too many University Degrees, managing his own band, and a brief but intense experience as Event Manager, Romeo Ciarla founded Loop Solitaire to help independent musicians around the world. He cannot live without Live Music, and definitely spends too much time on Wikipedia. 

Favorite Music: Every music genre but overly fixated with QOTSA, Deftones and blackbear

Web Developer 

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Gabriele Gulinelli while graduating in Architecture has been working as a Website Developer for several years with a particular focus on graphics.
His passions are gym, “into the wild” trips and mindlessly strumming his guitar.

Favorite Music: Folk Rock from the ’60, and Simon and Garfunkel

Partnership Manager

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Prudenza Lacriola is a poetess, writer, music blogger and beatmaker. She’s a sucker for true crime, cozy horror, walks in nature, and books and cinema. She also has a thing for YouTube videos explaining wild stuff you never even thought about – she’s not completely out of her mind yet.

Favourite Music: indie R&B, grime, rap, soul, electronic and amapiano.